Our History

Our rich and varied history starts nearly three decades ago.

As a first generation painting contractor, Tom Warren worked his way up to become the founder and owner of A-1 Top Quality Painting. Ever since that day, Tom and our committed team of employees have maintained the gold standard for household services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

At the end of the day, it is about your home receiving excellent treatment and consistent attention. That is why A-1 Top Quality Painting specializes in contracting, wall texturing and a number of other wall-related affairs. We believe that if our customers can see the ingenuity and integrity behind all of our work, then we’re ultimately sticking to the core of what makes A-1 Top Quality Painting one of the premier painting companies around.

If you’re looking to see some past examples of our work, we’d be more than happy to show you around our workshop and office. A-1 Top Quality Painting values customer care above all else, so we’re always happy when we get the chance to interact directly with our clients.

For more information about our business, please contact us:

707-588-9823 or via email at a1tqpainting@gmail.com. Have a wonderful day!